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Breakaway is a browser-based Flash game created for the United Nations geared to help stop violence against women accross the world. The narrative-driven cut scenes and playful soccer mini-games keep the player morally invested in the game's characters while still keeping the action rolling.


I joined this project at the tail end of pre-production in early spring of 2010. My role at the time was to rig character bodies and faces using the Anzovin Setup Machine and Face Machine. The production phase began early that summer and my new role became character poser. I assisted with the rendering pipeline and helped launch Chapter 1 during the World Cup, and Chapter 2 later that summer. In September 2010, I was hired as the Lead 3D Artist and was put in charge of a team of 11 artist to finish the job we had started that summer and launch Chapters 3, 4, and 5.